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This site is dedicated to a simple and fast research around DIY topics and especially manuals of cars, bikes and other vehicles like ATVs or jet-skis.

Our basic idea of quality is covering these topics:

Every file you buy and download should open and work. Some of those files are HUGE. If the downloads fails or the file is broken - we will refund you.
The addresses of shops, dealers and garages are updated 4 times a year and we try to keep them as actual as possible. Where possible, we do show the known web-address for you to check out!
Rare or missing
Some brands of cars or bikes are long off the market. If we can not locate a manual or a dealer near you, we dig into eBay and Amazon in real-time to fill the gap for you. That happens without any affiliate advertising or other sneaky ways to get your cash. For that, we ask you to tolerate the ads on the pages.
We do not track beyond the standard ad-tracking of Google and our well-respected advertising partners. We DO NOT GIVE OUT your email address or any personal information. We also do not store more than your order and email.
We are a small team, dedicated to a solid source of repair and service information. If you have any problem with this, please contact us via our eMail.